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April Theme is Respect!

April - which includes March 31 brings us five weeks of Virtues that support the Virtue of Respect. Let's take a look at Dignity, Friendliness, Openness, Courtesy, Consideration, Tact, Empathy, Cooperation and Unity. We welcome you to find these weekly posts here and on Facebook and in the Faribault Daily News, both in print and on-line.

You can submit original artwork, photography, stories or poetry that supports any of these virtues. You can post them directly to the (CLICK HERE) or post them on The Virtues Project-Faribault Facebook page. Join the conversation.

This month of April we are being asked to make sacrifices to our normal activities and routines to help slow the spread of Covid-19 virus. Now would be a great time to spend time considering the reflection questions, call a cooped up family member or friend and discuss the questions together. If you have kids with you at home, use the "Ask a Kid" section of questions to have some meaningful conversations.

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