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There are countless examples in history of the Power of One!  One person can inspire, lead, and make a magnificent difference in the world.  We know these people are flawed, like all of us, but through their efforts much good has been done in the world.  Throughout 2021 our group is celebrating these people, historic, current, world leaders, local gems.  

Everyone has this power!  Knowing your virtues, and recognizing them in your self and others, you become the catalyst for good too.  Think about people in your life that have made a difference.  What virtues did they demonstrate?  How did their virtues make a difference to you and others.  

In this space, and on the Virtues Project Faribault Facebook page, we will be posting stories of people who are examples of The Power of One.  We invite you to add to the list, to tell us about your grandfather or favorite aunt or special teacher!  You can post your stories directly on our Facebook page or contact us for assistance.   Click here for help.

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