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Virtues Cards are the building blocks of understand The Virtues Project.  Each deck of Virtues Cards is beautiful and useful.  You'll want to explore to see which one you want first.

  • Educator Cards - 52 Virtues specifically for youth - made with no reference to religion so they are "public school friendly"

  • Character Cards - 120 Virtues also without religious messages, made for adults

  • Reflection Cards - 100 Virtues - with beautiful images and quotes from all sacred texts and literature.  

  • There are many additional decks that reflect specific religious beliefs.  On the Virtues Shop Website you can find cards that use inspirational quotes for Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Later Day Saints, First Nations and more.


You can find many cards on this website. Packets of cards are available for purchase if you want to hold them in your hands.  (Click here for information on purchasing.)

Many people are enjoying the Virtues Cards on a FREE APP available on Apple or Google.  The app includes free samples from several decks.   If you decide you want full decks each one is only $1.99   The app allows you easy access to the Virtues, you can set reminders, send them to friends, post them on social media and easily make Virtues part of your daily life! 

Check out the FREE APP

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