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Words are POWERFUL!  

Using words that are packed with meaning give significance to our statements. 
Helping others see their virtues or learn how to use them is a great gift we can give.


Here is how you give a Virtue Acknowledgement:

Start with an Opening Phrase:  You can say - I saw you or I honor you or  You have been.

It's awkward at first but soon it will seem very natural!

Use the Virtue you observed:  Choose the right virtues for the occasion.  There is always a virtue!

Tell the Situation or evidence:  Tell what you observed - be specific!

Here are some examples of a Virtues Acknowledgement.    An acknowledgment is a comment on a good behavior using a virtue word.

  • I see how patient you are with your mom, even when she is so forgetful.

  • You have done excellent work on the project assignment. I appreciate your purposefulness.

  • Thank you for your cooperation in getting ready for school on time every day this week.

  • Susan always shows her kindness when she delivers meals on wheels.

  • Henry is an example of generosity when he donates to and volunteers for local causes.

  • Bashir shows us how to be reverent during prayer time.

  • The members of the team are filled with enthusiasm before the start of the match.

  • Grace, you are using your diligence as you keep practicing that difficult piano piece.

  • I noticed how gentle you were when you held the baby!  

  • I appreciate how reliable you are when you take our the garbage without a reminder.


Catch people doing good!  Give a Virtues Acknowledgment - believe me it will be remembered!​

Virtues Acknowledgements are the first step in the strategy of Speaking the Language of Virtues.  After you are comfortable with acknowledgement, virtue words can also be effectively used to guide and correct.    Curious about that?  Let us provide you with the information you need.  Contact us for free resources. 

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