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A Hidden Gem Revealed

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

On Saturday Mike Fitzpatrick was honored as a Hidden Gem

His nominator said he deserved the recognition because of his "Unselfish devotion of time dedicated to the Armed Forces and especially our local military veterans."

Mike Fitzpatrick (Fitz) has volunteered countless hours in providing and operating a public address system for the local 4th of July and Veterans Day celebrations and events. His commitment and dedication to our Armed Forces and Veterans exemplifies the qualities of a true patriot. Mike has spent many hours without regard to the rain, wind or cold, making sure these events and spoken words could be heard by everyone in attendance. Michael also attends many parades in the area pulling a small float which honors our veterans and remembers our POW's. Michael always works in the background. His humbleness does not allow him to seek nor receive thanks or praise from those in attendance or those who know him best. His commitment and dedication to our veterans, past and present, make him a true American unsung patriot and hero.

He also played a leading role and was instrumental in establishing the Shieldsville Veterans Memorial

You can nominate someone deserving of a Hidden Gem Award too. Click Here!

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