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Year of Virtues

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

You are invited to discover and explore virtues in yourself and others in a special way during 2020. Virtues are universal. They are the essence of who we are, they are the content of our character and the basis of genuine happiness. We are honored to partner with the Faribault Daily News to present 2020 A Year of Virtues. Each Tuesday of 2020 starting on January 7, The Faribault Daily News will feature two Virtues for you to consider. Spend time in private reflection then gather family, friends or neighbors and use the Reflection Questions to guide you in fascinating conversations. Ask a Kid gives you ideas to engage the young people in your life too. The fun part is that you can also submit photos, stories, artwork or poems about any virtue. See the full list below. You might get published in the paper! To submit in advance use the form linked here. Check the full year of Virtues shown on the Virtues Project website or check the Tuesday feature in the Faribault Daily News. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram too, and post as often as you wish. Don't worry if you miss a week in the paper - everything will be posted on their website and on this website. You will also see the weekly virtues on FCTV and on the electronic billboard on Hwy 21. Thanks to these partner organizations helping to promote 2020 - A Year of Virtues.

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