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Grateful and Joyful for Visit from Dara & Dave

On April 11 & 12 The Virtues Project Faribault welcomed Dara and Dave Feldman to Faribault. Dara and Dave are part of the The Virtues Project International Association and have their own company called Virtues Matter.

Despite the winter storm that drastically rearranged the scheduled plans, we had many opportunities to introduce Faribault people to Dara and Dave and to share the messages of The Virtues Project.

Meetings were held with Faribault School District Administrators, Community School Staff, Pre-school educators, day care providers, MSA Superintendent and staff and many local followers of The Virtues Project.

We are GRATEFUL and JOYFUL for the opportunity to host Dara and Dave in Faribault and to have so many people experience Dara's introduction to The Virtues Project with an emphasis on it's value for educators.

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