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Just a little Curious about these Virtues??

Host a Virtues Gathering of your own

Gather a group of friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers for an informal gathering to learn a little about The Virtues Project and to discuss and reflect on your own Virtues.

  • Any place is fine: your home, a park, a restaurant. Just make sure there is room for all your guests.

  • Any size group is ok – but 6-20 is perfect.

  • All ages are welcome- it would be nice to know the age range so we can plan accordingly

  • Light refreshments would be nice

  • Coordinate the date and time with us and we’ll bring all the information and materials to get the conversation started.

  • There is no fee to host a gathering.

  • Donations accepted.

Optional: We can bring the host a deck of 100 Virtue Reflection Cards for $30.00 or a deck of 52 Education cards for $20.00 for you to keep if desired.

What will it be like?

One of our Virtues Project team members will guide your group through an activity leading to great understanding of the Virtues within each of us. We promise nothing embarrassing, or preachy! Click here to contact us with questions or to schedule a gathering,

We can plan on 20 minutes up to an hour – based on your direction. After that we can leave you to your guests.

We would be honored to be invited to your gathering!

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