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The Virtues Project needs your generosity!

Click on the donate button at the top of the Foundation Page

The Virtues Project Faribault is excited to share news of great projects underway by our small but purposeful group!

Thanks to Wanda Holmgren, there will be a Virtues Park in Faribault.

We have approval to install signage and rename a local park (walking trail along the river) in downtown Faribault as Virtues Park. Each sign will have inspiring messages connected the the Virtues Project in English, Spanish, and Somali. People will walk in this green space near the river and be able to reflect on the Virtues that are already inside of each one of them. Each sign will feature the message in English, Spanish and Somali. People of all ages will look into the reflective signs and read the statements: Such as “ I am kind (tipo/nooca)”. Everyone will enjoy these positive affirmations. We will encourage photos and social media promotion of photos, adding to the positive personal impact. When the project is complete later this summer there will be a grand opening celebration. We have received a $1000.00 grant from our local Main Street Organization from their Artists on Main Street Program.

We estimate the total cost of the project at $3000.00

We need your help to complete the project!

We are also launching an Early Childhood Character Education Project!

We will be providing free Virtues Packages to 25 local early childhood and kindergarten programs. The package includes Virtues Cards for Kids, A Educators Guide for using the Virtues, posters, V-Toons and other resources. These teachers will have beautiful and compelling resources to teach young children about the virtues within them. We will also offer a free workshop to help the teachers, aides and others better utilize these tools. We received a Pride Grant from the Faribault Foundation of $500.00 to help up get this project started.

The cost for this project is $2100.00

We need your help to complete the project!

In addition to these new highly visible projects - we are always at work sharing the message of The Virtues Project. These are some of our on-going activities:

· Hidden Gem Surprise Parties

· Virtues on the billboard at Hwy 21 and 4th St

· Virtues on Main Street

· Presentations to local schools and organizations

· Free Workshops open to everyone

· Customized workshops

The Faribault Foundation Page will open.

There is a "donate" button at the top of the page

Please make sure to add "The Virtues Project" in the area that calls for special instructions so your donation is routed to these projects!

Thank you for your interest in The Virtues Project - Faribault!

Contact us with any questions about these or other local projects in the works!

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