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Diane Armstrong is a new Hidden Gem

Diane Armstrong was surprised by friends and co-workers when they hosted a Hidden Gem party in her honor at the Cheese Cave.

Diane is an LPN who worked until recently at Milestone Senior Living. Her co-worker there; Dani Hogate nominated her for a Hidden Gem Award, saying that is is a very caring person and when with her - you feel as though you are in the presence of an angel.

Diane now works for MN Hospice and her new co-workers echo that thought, calling her ideal to work with people in hospice because of her kind and caring nature.

When asked about her virtues, those gathered for her party mentioned, caring, gentle, reliable, kindness, empathy, understanding, thoughtfulness and more.

Congratulations Diane Armstrong!

If you would like to nominate someone to be recognized as a Hidden Gem; Click here for the details.

Special Thanks to:

Faribault Daily News for sponsoring the Hidden Gem Awards Program

Hy-Vee for providing the cake for each surprise party

The Virtues Project Team for arranging the details.

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