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Mary Isaacson is a Hidden Gem

Another gem was revealed in Faribault, when The Virtues Project and the Faribault Daily News surprised Mary Isaacson!

Mary was described as caring, cheerful, compassionate, confident, diligent, enthusiastic, friendly generous, helpful, honest humble, kind, loyal open, patient, reliable responsible and trustworthy!

We honor those virtues in you and thank you for sharing yourself with the community.

Mary's nomination said that she have been working at Faribault Park and Recreation since 1997 and that she puts her whole heart into making everyone’s experience a positive one!

The Virtues Project is a global initiative. The mission of The Virtues Project-Faribault is to promote and encourage the recognition and practice of virtues, to enrich the lives of people in our community, and to further the cause of unity. Click here to nominate nominate other people that deserve to be honored.

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