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Jason & Maggie Demars are Hidden Gems

A crowd gathered on Sunday March 25 at Winjum's Restaurant and surprised Jason and Maggie Demars with a Hidden Gem Award.

The Hidden Gem Project is sponsored by the Faribault Daily News and co-sponsored by The Virtues Project - Faribault. Many extolled the virtues of Jason and Maggie and they shared the history of 10 years of generosity.

Each year for the past 10, Jason and Maggie hosted a winter golf event on Roberd's Lake. Each year the funds raised helped a local organization or family in need. Jason and Maggie are humble and quick to point out the cooperation of family and friends and especially Pam Sartor; owner of Winjum's Restaurant in hosting this annual event. Caring, creativity, helpfulness and service were only a few of the virtues mentioned as people talked about Jason and Maggie.

Congratulations Jason and Maggie Demars!

If you know of someone who should be recognized for their virtues and are hidden gems in Faribault, you can click here for an on line nomination.

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