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Lori Johnson-Masks for all

Never doubt the power of one person to make an impact!

Lori Johnson has exemplified multiple Virtues that include Caring, Compassion, Diligence, Generosity, Kindness, and Service. When the pandemic started and there was a mask shortage, Lori utilized her sewing skills to make over 1000 individual masks that she gave away at no charge to anyone who was in need. She sent masks to two hospitals in the cities, two nursing facilities in Burnsville, a nursing home in

Northfield, and group homes in Faribault. In addition, many family members, friends and friends of friends benefited from her service and generosity. She sent masks out of state to Arizona, South Carolina, and Massachusetts.

In addition, since 2008 Lori has been making bears from the clothing of loved ones who have passed away with no charge to the family and loved ones of the deceased. These have created special long lasting memories and comfort for so many over the years with over 3,000 bears made.

She has truly showed what the Power of One can do to touch so many lives.

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